“Hospital Playlist” Cast Are All Set For PD Shin Won Ho’s Special Video Project

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Hospital Playlist fans are truly doted!

PD Shin Won Ho has been serving content for fans while awaiting for the second season. Through the project, they hope to provide warm smiles and a time of healing.

To be released on YouTube via 채널 십오야 (Channel Fifteen) on March 4, 슬기로운 캠핑생활 Sleek Camping Life (LT) reunites the well-loved cast of Hospital Playlist. Expect lively camping from the five members.

Ahead of the launch, video teasers have been teasing and making fans miss the gang. A video letter of PD Shin on what brought about the special project was also published.

Today, Jo Jung Suk, Jung Kyung Ho, Yoo Yeon Seok, Jeon Mi Do and Kim Dae Myung are featured in Sleek Camping Life posters. Evoking joyful laughter they are captured sitting together in a warm and cozy campsite.

Director Shin Won Ho said, “We made the project with a heart full of gratitude to the viewers who are waiting for Season 2 of Hospital Playlist. Hopefully, it will be provide fun and comfort.”

In case you missed this live concert of Hospital Playlist cast. Relive some of the favorite songs in the series.

Source: Sports Donga

Photos/Videos: tvN | 채널 십오야 YouTube channel

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