Enchanting Hotel Del Luna Soundtrack Dominates Music Charts

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A good drama is intensified by its fitting original soundtrack and Hotel Del Luna is an amazing example.

Hotel Del Luna releases new songs every week to accompany its fascinating world of life and death. With it’s popular status, it is not surprising that singles made for the drama top the music charts.  The announcement of the golden line up for the drama’s soundtrack made viewers even more curious about the show. The stellar list includes Punch, 10cm, and Heize. They are also participated in the soundtrack of Guardian: The Lonely and Great God.

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Taeyeon, Yang Da-Il and Chungha lent their stellar voices for “All About You”, “Only You” and “At The End”, respectively. In addition, Gummy added “Remember Me” to the spellbinding soundtrack. Red Velvet shared their voices through “See The Stars” while Ben serenaded viewers with “Can You Hear My Voice”. The latest addition to the soundtrack is Paul Kim’s “Goodbye”, released on August 12th.

The music producers believe in modifying the music to complete the experience of the drama. This led OST enthusiasts to raise their expectations about the drama’s soundtrack. The accomplished solo singers and idol groups contribute their various personalities that increase the charisma of the drama.

Continually listening to great music coupled with the brilliant cinematography, the drama became an instant hit. Moreover, the collaboration of those two elements give the drama a mysterious yet enchanting charm.

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The Midas Hand Composer

Song Dong Un deserves some praise. Dubbed as having a “Midas Hand” in OSTs, he has been helping in producing music for Hotel Del Luna. He is responsible for the OST syndrome in South Korea through his works in the soundtrack of Guardian: The Lonely and Great God. This list includes “I’ll Go To You Like The First Snow”, “Stay with Me”, “Beautiful” and “I Miss You”. His previous works prove that he is a perfect match for Hotel Del Luna and its soundtrack construction.

Source: eNews