Hwang Chi Yeol To Collaborate With GFriend’s Eunha For His Project Album

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Which girl group member does our readers want Hwang Chi Yeol to work with?

Singer Hwang Chi Yeol‘s first collaboration with a girl group member was revealed to be none other than Eunha from GFriend.

His agency HOW Entertainment’s representative revealed, “The first collaborator of Hwang Chi Yeol’s girl group collaboration project ‘Fall, In Girl’, is GFriend’s Eunha. Thank you for showing your interest to the collaborative protagonists after we revealed about the project. Please look forward to the song by Hwang Chi Yeol and Eunha.”

Other than Eunha, the coming song, titled Firely, also featured talented rapper Lil Boi from Geeks.

The song is slated for release on October 12 through local music sites.

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