MAMAMOO’s Hwasa Gears Up For An Autumnal Collaboration With Woogie

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The autumn season is about to get a little more exciting as Hwasa and Woogie team up once more.

Legendary duo Woogie and MAMAMOO’s Hwasa are teaming up again! On October 11, the two will releasing their second collaboration, named after the current season.

The two are gearing up to release “In Autumn”, which is described as a track that matches the rainy season. The lyrics were penned by Hwasa, Punchnello, and Woogie. The duo also composed the track.

The track is slated for release on various music streaming sites at 6PM KST. The two have been teasing their upcoming release on social media, through teaser images and audio snippets.

Hwasa and Woogie established their status as a legendary duo with their earlier release “Don’t”. The track earned a perfect all-kill on the music charts as it topped various real-time charts upon its release, and continued to dominate the charts days after its release.

Recently, MAMAMOO’s Hwasa topped the Girl Group Brand Rankings. Based on data from August 13 to September 14, the singer topped the list thanks to high online activity with her explosive stage performances and airport fashion.

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Source: Sports Donga, MAMAMOO Twitter

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