Hyukoh Wraps Distinct Color & Eloquence In New Album “Through Love”

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Through Love, the new album from Hyukoh, received immense raves from fans and fellow music artists

Korean indie band, Hyukoh made a good start with their latest album, Through Love. Just upon the release at 6PM on January 30, it has been well-received by various music charts.

Hyukoh released six songs from their latest album Through Love.  The new music encourages the listener to appreciate the flow of the album from first to last track. Its resonating rhythms and lyrics piques interest for its distinct quality and eloquence.

With the group’s unique style, they focused solely on music without revealing any teaser photos or videos related to the album. They want to put emphasis on the “power of music” without utilizing comeback teasers.

The result proved to be worth it. As soon as all six of the tracks were released, the album entered the Top 100 of various domestic music charts. Consequently, the first track “Help” landed in the Top 10 of local music charts.

Fans can’t help but share their witty thoughts such as “This experimental sound is just Hyukoh, it’s art, and it’s also Hyukoh’s genre.”

Meanwhile, fellow musicians who had listened to Hyukoh’s album continue to give praises and support to the band. First to give her support is IU – who posted an Instagram story to reveal her streaming shot saying “they’re always good and real”. In addition, CL and Dean also expressed interest about Hyukoh’s new music.

Known for being non-conformist, Hyukoh created their own path by capturing both music and popularity through their music releases. The same goes for the newest addition to their discography.

With the release of their new album, the band sets forth to embark on their 2020 world tour. Starting February, they will kick-off their concert in Seoul and will end in June in Los Angeles. Part of their tour, are key cities in Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Philippines, and Thailand.

Furthermore, the band will again meet their supporters in Europe and North America.


Source: iMBC

Image Credit: DooRooDooRoo Artist Company