Hyun Bin And Kang So Ra Reportedly Break Up

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Hyun Bin and Kang So Ra are no longer lovers?

In the wake of the breakup rumor between actor Hyun Bin and actress Kang So Ra, both agencies today stated that they are currently checking with their artists.

Kang’s label Plum Entertainment said: “We cannot say anything about the breakup rumor between Kang So Ra and Hyun Bin at the moment. We need to confirm it with Kang So Ra first. After grasping the details, we will make an official statement.”

Meanwhile, Hyun Bin’s agency revealed: “We are now contacting with Hyun Bin. However, he is in the midst of filming.”

Earlier on, a local media outlet reported that Hyun Bin and Kang have naturally parted ways after nearly one year of dating due to their hectic schedules.

The two first met in October 2016, and publicized their romantic relationship two months later.


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