HyunA And DAWN Announce Engagement Through Instagram Posts

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Congratulations to HyunA And DAWN!

HyunA and DAWN had just publicly announced their engagement through Instagram posts.

hyuna dawn engagement rings

The whole K-Pop industry went wild when DAWN posted a video and photo on his Instagram account on February 3 with the caption “MARRY ME.” The video shows DAWN’s hand wearing a sparkling ring, then later on joined by HyunA’s hand wearing the same ring.

In the next photo, the rings were on their respective boxes of blue and pink, distinguishing them from one another.

At the same time, HyunA lovingly responded to the public proposal through her Instagram account. The “I’m Not Cool” singer reposted DAWN’s video with the caption “Of course, it’s yes,” then four crying emojis.

hyuna dawn engagement

HyunA immediately followed up with another Instagram post of the same photo from DAWN’s earlier update. She captions it with “Thank you, thank you, I’m always thankful,” which had every fan explode with happiness, knowing that the two will tie the knot very soon.

The exchange caught the general public’s attention and fans around the world. HyunA and DAWN went public about their relationship in 2018. After leaving Cube Entertainment, the couple revealed that their love started in 2016 then proceeded to sign under P Nation. HyunA and DAWN had signalled a new start in their strong relationship.

Meanwhile, HyunA recently drew attention when she received the flower bouquet from the wedding of her close staff. The scene went on several news headlines as the public assumed that HyunA and DAWN would be the next. And now that the adorable couple has announced their engagement, what’s left for fans to anticipate is the wedding day.

Congratulations to HyunA and DAWN!

Image and Video Source: P Nation