I.O.I’s Kim Se Jeong Reveals Her Troubled Past

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Kim Se Jeong seems to be having a difficult time.

Girl group Gugudan and project girl group I.O.I’s Kim Se Jeong recently made her appearance on the 30 November episode of JTBS’s Talking Street, where she opened up on her difficulties during childhood.

During the show, the singer shared her heartbreaking memories with audiences, who sat around her on the street.

She recalled: “I was being scolded for something I did wrong and I was reflecting on what I did, but my teacher asked if I was laughing.”



Kim continued: “I tried to lower the sides of my lips but I was unsure how, and I stood there with no expression for half an hour. I didn’t know how to express myself except to smile.”



According to Kim, she had to experience hard times during her childhood, and could not even express her true feelings and personality. Back then, her family was having difficult times. Her mother was in heavy debts and had to take care of her and her brother.

She explained: “My mom lived and worked very hard, so I thought that as her daughter, I couldn’t let her know how I was feeling. So I hid my emotions by smiling, and a dark child grew inside of me.”

In addition, the I.O.I member also revealed that she had few friends because she found it difficult to become close with them: “I couldn’t even show my true emotions to my family, how could I show my friends?”

Watch the video here.


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