iKON’s B.I Shared To Have Tested Negative On Prohibited Substance Use According To Police Investigation

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iKON’s B.I has been shared to be proven innocent of prohibited substance use allegations against him.

As reported by news outlet Sports World, police officials have announced that iKON’s B.I has officially tested negative for prohibited substance use.

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After almost nine months since allegations of prohibited substance use were thrown against him and led to the announcement of his departure from iKON, B.I (whose real name is Hanbin) has finally gotten his name cleared as police investigations arrive at a negative result for the drug test he underwent earlier.

As part of investigations, South Gyeongbu Police Agency sent Hanbin’s hair to the National Forensics Institute in Korea as a sample. According to Sports World, the police asked for a precise evaluation as well, and body hair was used for the investigation.

This test was also conducted in addition to the 14-hour intensive investigation that Hanbin participated in last September 2019.

On February 27, it was revealed that no drug components were detected from his hair sample, thus making the test results negative. “It is true that the drug test result is negative,” police officials confirmed on their statement to the news outlet.

This finding marks the conclusion of police investigations for allegations made against the idol, and only the prosecution’s final verdict remains.

Following the news report, the hashtag #HelloHanbinIsFree trended number one worldwide and in various countries as well on Twitter with fans expressing their joy over Hanbin’s name being cleared.

They also shared messages congratulating the idol and assuring him of their unwavering support as well as letting him know that they believed in him all along.

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Source: Sports World


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