iKON’s Hanbin Makes Fans Celebrate With Surprise Demo Track Release On SoundCloud

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The goosebumps that we got upon hearing the precious voice of iKON’s Hanbin once again is too real.

iKON’s Hanbin threw social media into a tearful celebration as he made his voice heard again after almost seven months of waiting!

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After clearing past songs from his SoundCloud account earlier and putting his personal Instagram account on private recently, Hanbin ended the long wait of his fans by surprising everyone with a new song on January 2!

Released through his SoundCloud account, the song titled “Demo.1” was the exact example of “raw” – as it contained only Hanbin’s voice which fans dearly missed, along with echos that gave it an even more comforting vibe. This decision to go a capella was able to put emphasis on his voice and emotions – making it even more well-loved by fans.

Seemingly fitting to the situation between him and his fans at the moment, the rapper, singer, songwriter, and record producer returned with beautiful yet hauntingly sad lyrics which showed his talents in writing once again.

“The fact that I could never tell you that I lived for you, that I couldn’t tell you until the end/ This stupid “farewell” why/ It wasn’t even familiar to me/ I hoped it wasn’t the end/ I hoped to be able to see you again,” was just among the lines from the song which talked about the hardships of being separated yet still holding on to the hope of meeting someone extremely special once again.

The line “All of my words might sound like an excuse but I never meant to hurt you,” was also among those which struck close to home for every iKONic as they welcomed the idol back with arms wide open.

Shortly after the song was released, “Listen to DEMO” pertaining to Hanbin’s song immediately trended high on Twitter. Fans also used the hashtag #WelcomeBackHanbin to express their overflowing joy over this wonderful surprise which opened their 2020 beautifully, and it was able to take over the top trending lists worldwide as well.

Listen to “Demo.1” by Hanbin below:

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