iKON Sports New Image On ‘New Kids: Begin’ Comeback Teaser

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iKON redefines a whole level of newness on its ‘New Kids: Begin’ comeback teaser.

Slated to have a comeback in the coming days, YG Entertainment’s seven-member boy group iKON reveals a new concept regarding its style and sound, manifested in the comeback preview video of new album ‘New Kids: Begin’.

The teaser sheds the boy-next-door image as they gravitate to a sound, laden with hard-hitting hip-hop beats. This marks a riveting comeback for the boys, as they come back with a new beginning and style.

iKON is scheduled to have its first dome tour this May 20, Saturday at Osaka Kyocera Dome Japan. Once the tour concludes, the boys will fully promote the new album ‘New Kids: Begin’ in their home country.

iKON will return on May 22.

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