iKON’s Koo Jun Hoe And TREASURE’s Yoshi Confirmed COVID-19 Positive

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Two more YG artists have contracted the coronavirus.

Koo Jun Hoe of iKON and Yoshi of TREASURE have both tested positive. On January 25, YG Entertainment released a statement confirming the news.

According to the agency, Jun Hoe initially received a negative result through a PCR test conducted on January 22. But on January 24, the idol experienced mild sore throat, and after performing a retest, the result came back positive.

Koo Jun Hoe and Yoshi

DAZED Korea | YG Entertainment

Furthermore, YG Entertainment confirmed that TREASURE member Yoshi has also tested positive for the virus. The label said that Yoshi will self-isolate and that he will be receiving treatment from home.

The positive diagnosis of both artists came after iKON members Kim Jinhwan, Kim Dongyuk, Song Yunhyeong and WINNER’s Lee Seung Hoon were all confirmed to have tested positive as well.

Read YG Entertainment’s official statement below:

This is YG Entertainment.

iKON’s Koo Jun-hoe was additionally classified as a confirmed case of Covid-19 following fellow members Kim Jinhwan, Song Yunhyeong, and Kim Donghyuk.

Koo Jun Hoe tested negative on the COVID-19 PCR test conducted on the 22nd. However, two days later, on the 24th, mild sore throat symptoms appeared. A retest was performed and today (25th), the result returned positive.

TREASURE member Yoshi also tested positive for COVID-19 on the same day, and is scheduled to self-isolate and receive treatment at home.

Koo Jun Hoe and Yoshi are both vaccinated against COVID-19 and are currently in good health.

In response to the previously confirmed cases, we have taken intensive preemptive measures beyond the guidelines of the quarantine authorities.

Regardless of close contact or not, we continue to conduct COVID-19 inspections of our artists and nearby staff, and complete in-house quarantine and disinfection.

We will immediately share updates regarding the situation. And we will do everything necessary to restore the health of the artists and prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Hoping for the speedy recovery of Jun Hoe and Yoshi!

Source: iMBC | Images: DAZED Korea and YG Entertainment