Im Seulong’s humorous apology?

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2AM’s Jung Jin Woon has posted a photo of fellow member Im Seulong’s humorous apology!

On the afternoon of 18th of July, Jung Jin Woon posted the above picture on Twitter, along with the comment “Hehehe”. Im Seulong was seen reclining on the sofa with a notebook on his lap, his eyes fixed on the screen before him. What caught everyone’s attention was the phrase “I’m sorry for being handsome” printed on his short-sleeved white shirt.

Im Seulong posted “What have you done again” in reply to the post, drawing smiles as the hilarious exchange continued. 2PM’s Hwang Chan Sung also commented on the post with a witty statement, saying “Hyung, if you are really sorry, you need to make a public apology to Won Bin and Jang Dong Gun”.

Netizens commented on the post saying:

“Jung Jin Woon who took this picture, and Im Seulong who wore a shirt like this, both are cute”.

“Is this shirt a present for fans? Their sense of humour is awesome”.

Picture source/Source: Naver

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