iMe Entertainment Group Wins Two Grandiose Awards At “The BrandLaureate”

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iMe Entertainment Group racks up two of the grandest awards in The BrandLaureate – the Oscar equivalent for Branding Foundation

On March 6, 2020, iMe Entertainment Group and Mr. Brian Chou accepted two awards at The BrandLaureate 2019 – 2020 award ceremony. This consists of “SMEs Best Brands Award” and “SME Brand Leadership Award”.


“The BrandLaureate” is known as the “Oscar” in the branding industry. The World Brands Foundation (TWBF), a non-profit organization established an award to recognize companies or individuals who have demonstrated outstanding performances in branding. It is the world’s only brand foundation dedicated to develop the corporate brands in business industry.



The award has covered more than 80 countries and regions around the world, with participation of over 1,500 brands. The award-winning brands include Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, KFC, Starbucks, Nestle, Intel, Samsung, Levi’s, Canon, etc.

These companies range various businesses and sectors, yet their brands have for quite some time been well known.

The Brand Foundation also sets special achievements for individuals’ influence and achievements in their field. These includes former Apple President Steve Jobs, Alibaba Group founder Ma Yun and former South African Prime Minister Nelson Mandela. The award recipients also involve famous golfer Arnold Palmer, the famous blues musician BB King, and the famous American politician Hillary Clinton.

According to reports, the award evaluation criteria are extremely strict. This proves the high quality of the award in which the awards can only be won by one brand from each industry.

The Brand Committee assesses each brand from five viewpoints: brand strategy, brand culture, brand innovation, brand equity, and brand communication. Concisely, only true “powerful brands” could attain this recognition.

The “SMEs Best Brands Award” is a high recognition to the brand value of iMe Entertainment Group. The honor is focused at organizations who have built up their own brands and became brand pioneers in their separate ventures.



Since its establishment, iMe Entertainment Group has a clear brand strategy and brand vision, which is also the driving force of innovation and advancement for iMe. In order to become an industry leader, one must not only have its own strength but also being able to distinguish itself with brand positioning from its competitors that is the key to long-term development.

Mr. Brian Chou, founder and CEO of iMe Entertainment Group, has been granted with the “SME Brand Leadership Award”. He was exceptionally perceived by the brand board of trustees for his extraordinary administration, dynamic and vision for corporate brand building.

With the diversified development global layout of iMe Entertainment Group throughout the past two years, the upsides of its image impact have gotten progressively prominent.

This can be proven when iMe’s high-quality services have been recognized by many artists.

With the continuous improvement in audience’s live experiences, iMe has maintained good relationship with the customers and has established

Additionally, with the ceaseless improvement in crowd’s live encounters, iMe has kept up great connection with the clients and has set up great good reputation among the public.

This relationship reflects on the brand value which cannot be imitated by other competitors. In the era of brand economy, iMe will continue to make efforts in innovation to further expand the brand.

PR Source: iME Entertainment Group Asia

Image Credit: iMe Entertainment | The BrandLaureate

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