INFINITE shows 7 different charms for FILA 2013 Collection

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INFINITE showed seven different charms of each member a photoshoot with FILA.

Recently, INFINITE had a photoshoot with FILA as they have become the models to endorse the brand. The pictorial collections titled FILA 2013 INFINITE Collection has been revealed.

In the photos, INFINITE members are seen posing with the latest 2013 items, such as backpacks and shoes. The members are putting forth free and fun poses yet match well with the chic and sporty image. One FILA official stated, “INFINITE was most fit for the new FILA collection concept as they are stylish yet bright and lively as well. The members’ teamwork was great throughout the photoshoot and the mood of the set was very good.

INFINITE’s FILA pictorials will be used all throughout FILA stores in Korea, online, bus advertisements and many other places

Check out their pictorials with FILA here:

Source: News & Images – the star

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