INFINITE’s Sung Jong Reveals He Already Enlisted For Military Last Week In Handwritten Letter To Fans

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The running joke from Inspirits came true – INFINITE’s maknae Sung Jong announced his enlistment one week after it officially took place.

INFINITE’s Sung Jong revealed his secret military enlistment held a week prior through a handwritten letter posted on July 29.

The group’s maknae shook INFINITE’s entire fandom as he dropped a surprise announcement revealing that he has already enlisted as a public service worker on July 22. His handwritten letter talking about how he quietly enlisted was posted on his personal Instagram account.

“It’s been a long time since I last wrote you a letter, hasn’t it? I worried a lot before writing it, but I decided to write this letter because I thought that it would be best for me to be the one to tell my fans first,” he wrote after greeting his fans.

“By the time you read this letter, I will already be in the military. I’m sorry, and I apologize again for the fact that I wasn’t able to tell you in advance. It would have been nice to see my fans’ faces before leaving,” Sung Jong said, expressing his regrets.

“Before I left, I showed my face through various activities, and I’ll stay healthy and strong during my time in the military before returning,” the INFINITE maknae also promised.

“My INSPIRIT, you’ll wait a little while for me, right? I’ll soon return as a Sungjong who has become a cool young man. I love you, INSPIRIT. I miss you, INSPIRIT. Please don’t forget Sungjong, INSPIRIT,” he concluded his letter.

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안녕하세요 인스피릿 인피니트 막내 성종입니다 편지를 쓴 게 정말 오랜만이죠 쓰기 전에 정말 많은 고민을 했는데요 그래도 제가 먼저 팬분들에게 알리는 게 좋다고 생각해 편지를 쓰게 됐습니다 이 편지를 읽을 때 즈음에는 제가 군대에 가 있을 텐데요 미리 이야기 못한 점 미안하고 또 미안해요.. 팬분들 얼굴 보고 갔으면 좋았을 텐데.. 가기 전에 여러 가지 활동들을 통해서 얼굴 비추고 가요 씩씩하고 건강하게 군 생활 잘 하다가 돌아올게요 울 인스피릿도 조그만 기다려 주실 거죠? 금방 멋진 청년 성종이로 돌아올게요 사랑해요 인스피릿 보고 싶어요 인스피릿 성종이 잊지 말아요 인스피릿

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Previously, his groupmate Sung Gyu gave a five-day notice regarding his enlistment, while Sungyeol announced his a week ahead. Dong Woo also gave fans ten days to prepare and Hoya made his enlistment news two days before he began service.

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Photo from INFINITE’s Sung Jong’s Official Instagram Account


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