Instiz releases ‘50 Best Korean Idol By American Chart’

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It is known to Kpop fans that some Korean artists have ventured out of Asia and set their sights on the western market.

From fan meetings, solo concerts, album promotions and even live television guestings, the artists were able to prove that they can handle the competition and capture the hearts of fans from all over the world.

As proof of their success, Instiz recently released the top ‘50 Best Korean Idol By American Chart’ through their official websiteBIGBANG topped the chart, followed by Super Junior, Wonder Girls, Girls’ Generation and PSY, consecutively. See the complete list below:

Did your favorite artists get in?

Source: Instiz Photos: Instiz (1,2), BIGBANG슈퍼주니어(Super Junior), WONDER GIRLS소녀시대(Girls’ Generation) and PSY

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