Is the ‘I Hear Your Voice’ writer a Shinhwa Changjo?

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SBS‘ I Hear Your Voice scriptwriter is speculated to be a dedicated Shinhwa fan AKA SHCJ (Shinhwa Changjo).

Netizens have been piecing together evidence from the drama, that indicates that the writer of the drama is a devoted Shinhwa fan, and more specifically, a Shin Hyesung fan.

Here are the following hints that suggest the rumour:

  • The main character’s name is Jang Hyesung


  • Jang Hyesung’s cell phone case is the colour of Shinhwa’s fandom, orange


  • The scripts are orange coloured


  • Jang Hyesung’s mother owns a chicken restaurant. Shinhwa are the endorsement models for Chicken Mania.


  • Jang Hyesung pours sesame oil and uses sesame seeds in all of her food. Shin Hyesung has previously revealed that he is obsessed with the two ingredients.


  • The male lead’s (Park Soo Ha) roster number is 27 and the character Min Joon Guk’s criminal ID is 1127. Shin Hye Sung’s birthday is 11/27.


  • Park Soo Ha is skilled in Taekwondo. Shin Hyesung is a 4th degree.


  • The newspaper in one of the scene reads, “Our Shinhwa…”


  • The word “loach” is randomly used in a text message. ‘Loach’ is Eric‘s nickname within the fandom.



  • Two characters (twins) in the drama are named Jung Pil Seung and Jung Pil Jae. Shin Hyesung’s real name is Jung Pil Gyo.


  • SBS’s tweet begins with “Like Hye Sung and Jun J…”. One of Shinhwa’s catchphrases is “Moving forward like a comet, we are Shinhwa” (Junjin haneun, Hyesung choreom, urineun Shinhwa imnida”)

The male lead shares the same initials as Shinhwa: Soo Ha, ShinHwa.


With the evidence above, do you believe that the scriptwriter is a Shinhwa fan or it is just a coincidence?

Source: Instiz



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