IU and Yoo Seung Ho for ‘G by Guess’

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GUESS? diffusion brand, G by Guess, has released new advertisement campaign photos featuring singer IU, and actor Yoo Seung Ho, in its fall/winter 2012 collection.

IU and Seung Ho prepare for the winter chill with thick cardigan sweaters, long patterned socks, and Guess’ signature jeans. Two couple photos have also been released. They sit on a bed surrounded by large lollipops and candy canes and are seen wearing long jackets with boots and folded-up jean hems. For the individual pictures, IU and Seung Ho are seen wearing knits and pullovers with jeans.

Check out the photoshoot below and tell us what you think.

Sources (News & Photos)  – Couch Kimchi via TVdaily

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