IU Dominates The Billboard K-Pop 100 Chart For Two Consecutive Weeks

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IU displays her charting power, topping the Billboard K-Pop 100 for two weeks consecutively!

IU continues to dominate music charts, including the Billboard K-pop 100, following the release of her new song, “Celebrity”. The track debuted first with the highest digital sales last week. This week, IU took the crowned position once again with not only the highest digital sales but also the highest amount of streams this week.


Along with her newest project, IU’s beloved older works continue reappearing on the chart too. Her collaboration with BTS’ Suga, titled “Eight”, ranked tenth last week and set the record for the longest track within the top ten at 26 weeks. This week, the song climbed to number 6, making this its 27th time landing within the top ten.

Additionally, the soloist’s other songs climbed the chart. This includes “Blueming” at 15, “Through the Night” at 21, “Hold My Hand” at 46, “I Give You My Heart” at 61, and “See You On Friday” at 82. All songs rose from four to 48 places. The ballad “Love Poem” was the only track to maintain its position at number 12.

The charting of other IU projects following her comeback included older works that made their reappearances for the first time since 2020. The singer’s collaboration with Kim Changwan, titled “Meaning Of You”, ranked 98th, appearing on the chart for the first time since last October. Furthermore, “Above the Time” landed at 99 this week since its exit from the chart last December. “Palette” featuring G-Dragon rose to spot number 94 for the first time.

Meanwhile, IU’s newest track “Celebrity”, received immense love upon its release on January 27. The pre-released track dropped ahead of IU’s upcoming regular album. The song is an electronic pop track with tropical house inspiration. Ryan Jeon and Danish composer Chloe Latimer participated in its composition, elevating the track’s brilliance.

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