IU Makes Meaningful Donation To Green Umbrella Children’s Foundation Ahead Of Children’s Day

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The Green Umbrella Children’s Foundation revealed that IU has been celebrating Children’s Day through heartwarming donations.

This month, IU continues her meaningful tradition of donating to the Green Umbrella Children’s Foundation. The foundation revealed that the singer has made a generous donation of 100 million won, three days ahead of Children’s Day.

The Green Umbrella Children’s Foundation revealed Lee Ji-Eun has, in fact, been secretly making generous donations to the foundation since 2015. She has been making these donations in the hopes of aiding economically underprivileged children, as well as children raised by single parents. In total, IU has donated over 620 million won to the foundation.

The foundation hopes that IU’s donations will encourage other people to donate as well.

“In May, underprivileged children feel a greater deprivation,” its statement reads. “Through IU’s good influence, we hope that donation culture will spread and help children in need to have a happy Children’s Day.”

Prior to this donation, IU donated 100 million won Green Umbrella Children’s Foundation for the children affected by the massive wildfire in Gangwon Province. She also postponed the premiere of her Netflix original series, titled Persona, as a sign of respect to those affected.

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