IU Mentions Jonghyun At 32nd Golden Disc Awards, Red Velvet’s Yeri Bursts Into Tears

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Whenever Jonghyun is mentioned, everyone feels sad and misses him.

On January 10, IU was honored with the most prestigious prize Daesang or the Grand Award at 32nd Golden Disc Awards.

During her acceptance speech, the singer expressed her gratitude to fans and award ceremony’s organizers. She said: “It’s been a while since the last time I appeared on Golden Disc. Thank you for giving me a beautiful award.”

IU continued her speech by sharing about the late fellow artist Jonghyun: “Honestly, I’m still very sad. I had to let go of someone who was so precious to me as a person, as a friend, and as a musician. Since I know why he was struggling and feeling distressed, I am even sadder and sorrier. And it is unfortunate and sad that we can’t embrace the sadness because we are always busy worrying about next month and planning the next year.”

She added: “Especially for us artists, it is our job to console others. Although it’s good to be professional, I sincerely hope that you don’t end up hurting yourself more while trying to hide your feelings.”

In a moment, Red Velvet’s Yeri was spotted shedding tears during IU’s touching speech. The singer couldn’t seem to return to the daily life due to the sudden passing of her beloved close friend.


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