IU & Seo Taiji’s ‘Sogyeokdong’ tops 9 charts in Korea

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My Daily reported today that ‘Sogyeokdong’, a song collaboration between IU and Seo Taiji has risen to rank number 1 on all 9 music charts in South Korea. This song is part of Seo Taiji’s 9th album ‘Quiet Night.’ The album was written and produced by Seo Taiji. He and IU each recorded their own version of the song.  There are also two versions of the music video where the stories will be connected to each other.

Seo Taiji’s version will be released on the 10th through online music sites. This project is receiving a lot of attention from the music industry as it plays with fresh themes.

Seo Taiji is the idol of idols. He is seen in Korea as the one who fired up the Korean music industry.

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