IZ*ONE Captivates In Colorful Teaser Photos + Tracklist Release

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Produce 48’s project group, IZ*ONE, debuts with its first mini album, COLOR*IZ.

IZ*ONE will have its debut showcase and concert on October 29 at the Olympic Hall in Seoul. They will release the debut album at the same day as well.

They published the first series of teaser photos on October 14. The images depict the youthful energy of the twelve-member girl group.

They also released a concept trailer for the debut. You can watch it on the girl group’s official VLive channel. IZ*ONE displayed their individual colors as a funky rhythm played in the background. They asked the question, “What IZ your color?” to hype them up even more. Watch the video here.

Things took a serious turn when they released the third set of teaser photos. Each of the girls displayed a more serious and charismatic side. The photos hinted of maturity and sophistication as well.

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The girl group recently released their tracklist. It contains 8 tracks, featuring four original and four cover tracks. In addition, they revealed that the title track will be “La Vie En Rose”. The album also includes the tracks “아름다운 색 (Beautiful Color)”, “O’ My!”, and “비밀의 시간 (Secret Time)”.

It also includes IZ*ONE’s versions of “앞으로 잘 부탁해 (We Together)”, “반해버리잖아? (You’re In Love, Right?)”, “꿈을 꾸는 동안 (Dream)” and “내꺼야 (Pick Me)”.


IZONE will debut with COLORIZ on October 29 at 6PM KST. Stay updated with debut details through their Twitter.

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