Jang Wonyoung Undergoes Self-Quarantine After Testing Positive For COVID-19

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WIZONEs, now is the time to send your well wishes to Jang Wonyoung as she recently tests positive for COVD-19.

Starship Entertainment recently revealed the current health status of one of its precious and talented artists, Jang Wonyoung.

On the morning of August 29, the agency released an official statement confirming that the young and bubbly idol was recently diagnosed with COVID-19.

They specifically said that Wonyoung, together with her fellow IZ*ONE member and label mate Ahn Yujin, immediately took a PCR test on August 28 after knowing that they directly crossed paths with an external staff who recently tested positive with the virus.

Exactly a day after, both of their results were released and Ahn Yujin’s test came back as negative. However, Wonyoung tested positive, which led to her official diagnosis today.

Starship Entertainment added, “Currently, Jang Wonyoung is taking necessary measures according to the guidelines of the quarantine authorities.”

Delivering comfort and relief to fans, the agency asked fans for their great understanding over the concern and vowed that they will continue to follow all the protocols set by the South Korean quarantine authorities. To add, Starship Entertainment also promised WIZ*ONEs that they will do their best to ensure the health and safety of their prized artists and staff.

As part of preventive measures, Ahn Yujin will also stop her scheduled activities and will not participate in the upcoming SBS Inkigayo broadcasts. She will instead start her self-quarantine to ensure her safety and those people who came in close contact with her.


Soon after the news came out, WIZ*ONEs coming from different parts of the world expressed their love, support and concern to Wonyoung. Her name immediately entered Twitter’s trending list, along with the hashtag #GetWellSoonWonyoung and #원영메일.


Meanwhile, the idol appeared on various promotional materials by Innisfree after her appointment as its newest muse and global ambassador. Apart from this, she also graced some fashion films for luxury brands like Chaument and Miu Miu.

Wishing you a speedy and safe recovery, Wonyoung!

Source: Mydaily

Photos from Innisfree and Starship Entertainment