Jay Park Flaunts His Attitude In ARENA HOMME +

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Jay Park flaunts his body and tattoos for ARENA HOMME + magazine.

Three photos of Jay for the coming November issue of ARENA HOMME were unveiled through the magazine’s Facebook page. In the monochrome photos, the artist flaunts his fierce tattoos and well built body. His soft and lidded gaze exudes a carefree attitude yet cool vibe for the photoshoot.

The editor who is in charge for this photoshoot said that, “All these while, Park Jaebum, instead of showing strong side of him, this time he showed a more carefree side”.

Revealing that he is satisfied with his life now, Jay Park also said in the interview, “(I) just let loose and I want to do whatever I want to do”.

For more cool photos and in-dept interview of Jay Park, grab a November issue of ARENA HOMME +.


(Editing by Adrian Cheng)


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