Jay Park’s Connection With Drug Scandal Unfounded

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Jay Park revealed that rumors of his connection with a recent drug scandal are ‘not true’.

On 23rd November, a representative from the hiphop label AOMG in which Jay Park is the CEO, said to Newsen,

It was discovered on 22nd that a western website had connected a drug scandal with Jay Park. The article is incorrect in any whatsoever way. We express regrets on the baseless accusation from this article.

The representative also explained that:

In order to ask for removal of the wrongful article, we tried to contact several times to the website, but since it isn’t a Korean company, there is no way to find out the official phone number, so through a representative who takes media content, we stated that if the article is not brought down, we will proceed with legal actions. We don’t know if the message is received but the article was deleted. Jay Park expressed anger towards the untruthful rumor.

On the 22nd, Jay Park first revealed the truth in a tweet, “Trying to be a reliable new’s source yet they post our pic’s implying that it’s us when it ain’t”.

He also posted, “Get yo fact’s straight before you indirectly include us in some bullshit we ain’t involved in”, along with “aight now back to being successful #aomgilli”.

This news was first reported here.

Translation by Hyerim Kim

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