Jellyfish Entertainment Discusses The Future Of VIXX On Its 7th Anniversary

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To celebrate seven years in the industry, Jellyfish Entertainment talks about the future of VIXX.

Today, VIXX is celebrating seven years of being in the music industry. To commemorate this special milestone, Jellyfish Entertainment talked about the future of the group in light of many possible changes. One thing’s for sure: these boys are going to stay together no matter what happens.


VIXX during the media showcase for “Eau De VIXX” (Photo from Joy News 24)

The entertainment company informed Starlights of each members’ status through a statement that Leo, Ken, Hongbin, and Hyuk will be staying with the company.

“We will unsparingly support their group and individual activities,” the statement read. “We will do our best to become a pillar of support that they can depend on.” Jellyfish Entertainment also noted that it aims to broaden the scope of each members’ promotions and to further develop their musical skills.

Ravi, meanwhile, is parting ways with Jellyfish Entertainment and will establish his own musical label. The singer hopes to establish a label that is better suited for the musical endeavors he hopes to pursue in the future.

Jellyfish Entertainment, however, has clarified that Ravi’s departure from the label does not signify his departure from VIXX. Ravi will continue to promote with the group he has grown with for seven years, continuing a musical partnership with Jellyfish Entertainment as a member of VIXX.

Jellyfish Entertainment has yet to discuss contract renewal with leader N, who is still serving his mandatory military enlistment.

Lastly, the entertainment company informed Starlights that it is currently working on VIXX’s schedule. “We are working on plans to schedule opportunities for VIXX to meet with their fans this year, both in Korea and worldwide.”