Jellyfish Entertainment Shares Updates On Kim Min Kyu After “Produce X 101”

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After Produce X 101, what is next in store for Jellyfish Entertainment’s Kim Min Kyu?

The agency had recently given fans an update on Kim Min Kyu and his current activities along with future plans following the finale of Produce X 101.

Photo from Mnet

On July 22, Jellyfish Entertainment relayed the latest news on their trainee from the Mnet debut survival show who was well-loved by many viewers thanks to his gorgeous visuals and equally beautiful attitude and manners.

“Kim Min Kyu is currently resting following Produce X 101. The show had just finished recently, so we are just about to discuss his future activities while he is resting. We are preparing to meet with him being in good shape,” the agency stated.

Min Kyu proved to be a favourite among fans throughout the show. On the last episode, he battled Lee Eunsang for the X position but unfortunately did not make the cut to be the final member of X1.

He was a constant name on the show’s top three, and the lowest rank he had ever gotten prior to the Produce X 101 finale where he ranked twelve was at tenth place.

For many Korean national producers, the disappearance of Kim Min Kyu in the finalist lineup came as a great shock and sadness.

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Source: Ten Asia