Jeon Hyun Moo And Shin Hye Sun To Host The “2019 KBS Drama Awards”

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Comedian-Host Jeon Hyun Moo and Actress Shin Hye Sun will be working together as the MCs for the 2019 KBS Drama Awards

On November 19, KBS announced that Jeon Hyun Moo and Shin Hye Sun will take charge of hosting the 2019 KBS Drama Awards.

Jeon Hyun Moo, who has hosted multiple award shows has proven his dexterity as an entertainer and a host. This is already his fifth year in hosting award shows. Moreover, he was also recently confirmed as the host of the 2019 KBS Entertainment Awards. Along with that, he will also be hosting the 2019 SBS Gayo Daejeon and the 2019 MBC Entertainment Awards.

Shin Hye Sun too has experience in hosting award shows. She hosted the 2018 SBS Drama Awards last year making this her second consecutive year in hosting an award show.

The 2019 KBS Drama Awards hosted by Jeon Hyun Moo and Shin Hye Sun will be held on December 31.

Jeon Hyun Moo is a popular host-comedian and has appeared in various variety shows and hosted various programs. He is known as the emcee of variety shows like I Live Alone, Non-Summit, Happy Together, Problematic Men and TMI News.

While Shin Hye Sun is a very skilled actress who has made memorable appearances in dramas like My Golden Life, Thirty But Seventeen and Hymn of Death. She recently appeared on Angel’s Last Mission: Love along with Kim Myung Soo, which received a lot of love from the audience.

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