Jeong Sewoon Melts The Cold Away With His “24” PART 2 Comeback VLIVE

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Jeong Sewoon warms up the cold winter with his first live stages of some of his new songs.

Jeong Sewoon held a special V LIVE to celebrate the release of his new album 24 PART 2. During the live, he talked about behind the scenes moments and presented emotional performances that melted the hearts of viewers.

Jeong Sewoon

The singer-songwriter took fans to his Naver V LIVE channel on the afternoon of January 6. He presented fans with various stories ranging from album unboxing to emotional stages.

24 PART 2, that was released on the same day, contains the artist’s warm emotions and vivid stories. He participated in the lyric writing and song compositions, expressing his 24 hours through songs.

The singer raised expectations for the album by telling behind the scenes stories. He introduced the title track “IN THE DARK” by saying, “There was a message I wanted to convey to everyone, so it became the title. From now on, you will be able to see a side of me you didn’t know before.”

Regarding the two versions of the album, “ZERO” and “ONE”, the singer explained, “By connecting the two, you can find a new meaning. I’ll leave it to the fans’ interpretation.”

The singer followed up by giving live performances of “IN THE DARK”, “:m (Mind)” and “Be a Fool”. He melted fans’ hearts with his sweet vocals that convey warmth in a cold winter night.

Sewoon further shared his thoughts and amplified expectations for his future musical growth. “I think this album is my start. I think the experiences I’ve accumulated since my debut have become the nourishment of my own colors.”

Fans also showed their cheers by saying “The song is so good” and “Jeong Sewoon’s LIVE is like the first snow”. In addition, the LIVE finished successfully, attracting more than 30,000 viewers and hitting over 2 million hearts.

Meanwhile, Jeong Sewoon will continue with his activities for 24 PART 2 through music broadcasts and various contents.

PR and Image source: Starship Entertainment