Jeong Sewoon Showed His Many Sides Through Versatile Activities In 2020

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Singer-songwriter Jeong Sewoon showcased remarkable activity in various fields in 2020.

Jeong Sewoon demonstrated his multiple talents as he played an all-round role in 2020. The artist also showed his growth as a musician through his first full-length album.

A singer-songwriter idol

The performer has been showing off his talents in various fields throughout the year. He further expanded his music world by participating in writing, composing and arranging his album tracks himself.

Particularly, his first full album 24 PART 1, released in July, contained his own sensibility and was received well by listeners. It featured six unique tracks such as the title song “SAY YES”, “Don’t Know”, “Horizon”, “Beeeee”, “O” and “Hidden Star”.

24 PART 1 was created with the hope that it will be an album people go to listen to when they feel tired, down or anxious.

An artist with many talents and a warm heart

This year, the artist secured his title as an “all-round entertainer” by appearing on various entertainment programs. He garnered favorable reviews and showed his outstanding ability as an MC, as well as his unique sense of entertainment.

Sewoon attracted attention starting with hosting SBS PLUS’s Korean On The Ground last February. He also appeared in JTBC’s Knowing Bros’ “Career Counseling” segment, tvN’s 4 Wheeled Restaurant, SBS’s quiz show Today’s Delivery and JTBC’s Let’s Play Soccer.

In the recent KBS 1TV’s year-end special music documentary Sing Street, the performer received praise for giving warm consolation with his unique sweet vocals.

Jeong Sewoon

He was also a DJ for EBS radio’s Listen, through which he got a lot of love from people. In addition, the artist received a commendation award as a goodwill ambassador, from the Seoul branch’s Korean National Red Cross.

Earlier this year, his fan club LUCKY also made meaningful campaigns. They donated to a tree planting campaign in order to aid restoration of forests, which suffered from fires in Gangwon Province.

Meanwhile, Jeong Sewoon is preparing for his comeback with the second part of his first full album 24 PART 2. It is planned for release on January 6 and is expected to showcase more of the artist’s musical growth.

PR & Image source: Starship Entertainment