Jessica Uses Her Usual US$46,000 White Microphone To Perform At The Music Festival In Vietnam

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Wow… That’s seriously so expensive.

On June 24, Jessica paid a visit to Vietnam to attend a music festival, titled Saigon Water World. The event took place at Sala Residence, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City.

As usual, Jessica decided to use the familiar white microphone for her performances in the Asian country. It is reported that the singer’s unique microphone, whose body was engraved with her name, costs nearly US$1,000. However, as it was specially customized for the former SNSD member, the final cost came out to be a whooping US$46,000, which is about 46 times more expensive than the original cost.

From the photos of Jessica’s past events, fans can easily recognize that same white microphone which she uses, instead of using the organizer’s microphone.

In related news, to welcome Jessica, her fans in Vietnam have planned to clear up rubbish at the venue after the music festival ends. The meaningful act has received strong support from K-Pop fans and the local people.

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