Ji Chang Wook Joins Forces With “How You See Me?” Campaign For People With Disabilities

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Ji Chang Wook has recently dedicated his support to the How You See Me? campaign organized by the MIRAL Welfare Foundation.

The How You See Me? campaign aims to raise awareness and acceptance for the civil rights of disabled South Korean citizens. One of the main objectives of its mission is to eradicate prejudice and stigma. Ji Chang Wook made the most of his star power and supported the campaign by generously donating his talent fees as well as participating in its video shoot.

In the campaign clip, the  actor shared his views by saying, “Bias, discrimination and cold eyes toward disabled children become high and cold walls surrounding disabled children. I hope by looking at disabled children as they are, they will be able to move away from people’s negative perspectives and grow up bright as they develop their dreams.”

The MIRAL Welfare Foundation has been standing up for the social rights of disabled individuals since 1993. Social acceptance, equality, and inclusion are essential human rights for everyone. With the support of others, more doors of opportunity will be opened for people with disabilities until the stigma gets replaced by harmony.

Meanwhile, Ji Chang Wook, who is famous for his roles in TV series like Empress Ki and Melting Me Softly, currently has a new drama in the works titled Convenience Store Saetbyeol. 

Its story will revolve around a winsome yet clumsy character who leaves his job at a large company in order to run his own convenience store. The quirky SBS drama is set to premiere within the year.

Source: Sports Chosun

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