Jin Se Yeon Vies To Become Kim Min Gyu’s Queen In New Historical Drama

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Jin Se Yeon reunites with Grand Prince director in the latest special drama opposite rising actor Kim Min Gyu.

Titled 간택:여인들의 전쟁 (Gantaek: Women’s War *literal translation), Jin embarks on a palace survival romance that will realize her goal of becoming the highest rank woman in Joseon.


Scheduled for broadcast in December, the period romance drama threads on the fierce competition of women aiming to become Joseon’s Queen. Conspiracies, betrayals and love abound the stories that will be drawn by the women aspiring to stand next before the King of Joseon.

Portraying the female lead, Jin Se Yeon will breathe life to the character of Kang Eun Bo. To achieve her ultimate goal of finding the culprit to her sister’s misfortune, she needs to become a queen. Her dangerous ulterior motive spins the thrilling plot of the story.


Marking his first male lead, Kim Min Kyu suits up to the role of King Yi Kyung. Carrying the weight of his position, his sole goal is to find his true love.

This year, Jin starred in MBC drama, Item. Meanwhile, Kim was lauded in his performance on KBS2 TV’s Perfume. This project also makes his first appearance in a period drama.

Kim Min Gyu

Notably, the reunion of Jin Se Yeon and director Kim Jung Min raises interest given how they work on the network’s highest-rated drama, Grand Prince.

Boasting an impressive period romance portfolio, Kim orchestrated classic favorites, The Princess’ Man and Joseon Gunman. His most recent works include Perfect Wife and The Man Living in our House.

Rounding up the cast are Lee Si Eon, Do Sang Woo and Lee Yeol Eum. Lee Si Eon takes the role of Wal, a crude rough-mouthed person.

Rookie actor Do Sang Woo plays the role of Yi Jae Hwa, the second in the line to the throne, who was once a free-spirited man who suddenly entered the palace.

Giving spice to the romance line, Lee Yeol Eum brings life to Cho Young Ji. Behind her stubborn nature, she is a pure woman who wants to become Yi Kyung’s woman.

Kim Min Gyu

The production team said, “Five actors with various charms will be combined to complete a never before seen picture.” Additionally, the new and fresh fantasy historical drama brings a rush of thrills and love.

Gantaek: Women’s War will be broadcast twice consecutively every Sunday beginning on December 15 at 9:30 p.m. via TV Chosun.

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