Jongup Is Preparing For His Solo Debut In May

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Jongup will be making his fans happy as he is preparing to debut as a solo artist in May.

Former B.A.P. member Jongup shared through his SNS accounts that he will be making his solo debut soon. His single will officially be released on May 7th.


On April 21, Jongup teased his fans with a picture saying “coming soon”, and having the date of his debut, along with his name on it. Then on April 27, he released the schedule of the album’s countdown. Ever since, he has been posting new material every day to bring the hype up even more.


The countdown begins

Just as written on the schedule, the first two concept photos were released on April 28 and 30, respectively.

On the first one, he is seen sitting in front of an open washing machine while wearing a spring themed shirt. On the second one, he wears a sweater and a backpack while standing in front of what seems to be a warning sin.



The first MV teaser which came out on April 29 revealed the name of the single Jongup will be releasing. It is called Headache and will come out at 6 PM KST on May 7th.

The artist gives out a peek of his choreography for the song, which intrigued his fans with the fresh feel of the song.

He did not stop there though.

On May 1 his label, The Groove company, revealed an audio teaser for the song as well. “Headache” feels like a bright dance track, which allows Jongup to show off his moves while singing. That is something the idol is very good at and quite famous for.

Anticipating the solo debut, Jongup will let his fans see a new side of him. It allows him to return to the music scene after a while. This is his first solo release ever since the disbandment of his former group B.A.P. The expectations for Jongup’s solo are running high due to the fans who have been missing him.

Source: Jongup Official Twitter, The Groove Company YouTube channel 

Image credit: The Groove company