Joo Won Completes Military Service And Greets Welcoming Fans In Brand New Year

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After 21 months of active duty, Joo Won finished his army recruitment on February 5.

Owing to the enundated shortening of military service last year, Joo Won is able to finish 10 days early.

Joo Won

His return is a wonderful Seollal gift for the actor’s family and fans who patiently waited and cheered for him.

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Despite the cold weather, Joo Won’s faithful fans gathered in front of the unit to celebrate his return to civilian life.

Appreciating his fans who even used their New Year break just to see him, he returned the warm cheering by shaking their hands and sending them hearts.

Joo Won

“I had a lot of new experiences that I could only do in my military service. It was a rewarding time, “said Joo Won.

In addition to the fans, executives and fellow soldiers also celebrated the party with warm applause. “I was able to do my military life safely because everyone took care of me like my family.”

When a reporter asked what his first project will be, Joo Won replied that he wants to work on a good drama, but it has not been decided yet.

As a staple question on which girl group cheered him and his fellow soldiers the most in their unit, he revealed that BLACKPINK has been the most popular.

Joo Won

Finally, Joo Won said, “I am very grateful to the fans. I will give you a good performance in return for the time I have waited.”

On May 16, 2017, Jowon entered the Gangwon Province Cheorwon 3rd Division training camp.

In 2006, he made his debut in musical Altar Boyz. Through top-rating Baker King, Joo Won began achieving popularity as the antagonist of the series.

On his third drama outing, Joo Won broke mainstream popularity through his impeccable hero portrayal in KBS2’s period drama, Bridal Mask.

His succeeding projects such as Good Doctor, Yongpal and television adaptation of My Sassy Girl were also well-received by the audience.

Joo Won

*All photos from Sports Chosun.

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