Joo Won Decks Activities With New SBS Drama “Alice” & Musical Project “Ghost”

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Joo Won has lined up his acting projects in film, musical and television!

Paying homage to his roots, actor Joo Won sets his post-military service project by signing up for musical, Ghost.

Returning to the theater world after six years, Joo Won will appear in the 1990 Hollywood movie adapted play starring Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore.

Produced by SEENSEE Company, the musical Ghost first premiered in South Korea in July 2013. Previously, Joo Won participated in the musical for the role of Sam Wheat in the 2013-2014 showing.

Praised for his well-portrayed characters, Joo Won’s rich filmography includes Yongpal, Bridal Mask and Good Doctor. He has also appeared in 2 Days 1 Night.

Aside from Ghost the Musical, Joo Won also appeared in musicals Altar Boyz, Grease and Spring Awakening to name a few.

Ghost The Musical will be performed at Sindorim D-Cube Art Center from 16 October 2020 to March 2021.

Joo Won Ghost

Small Screen Comeback with Kim Hee Sun

For his TV drama return, Joo Won pairs up with Kim Hee Sun for SBS upcoming Friday-Saturday offering. Titled Alice, the series threads on a sci-fi magical story between a time traveling woman and a man who lost the ability to feel emotion.

He suits up to the role of Park Jin Gyeom, a detective with congenital apathy and is the first human to notice the existence of time-travelers.

Expected to own his newest role, Joo Won’s Detective Jin character is revealed to have brilliant mind who investigates with evidence and logic.

Meanwhile, Kim Hee Sun, plays the role of a geeky physicist Yoon Tae Yi, who tries to uncover the secrets of time travel. She also plays the role of scientist Park Seon Young, who knows the secret of time travel. Kim portrays two completely different characters, similar to each other, across 20’s and 40’s age groups.

Joo Won lines up jampacked activities as he is also shooting the film, Firefighter.

SBS drama Alice will be aired on Friday, August 28 at 10 PM KST.

Joo Won

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