Jun Ji Hyun donates 100 million won for Sewol victims and their families

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Lead actress Jun Ji Hyun (birthname Wang Ji Hyun, also known as Gianna Jun, 33) from the hit SBS drama You Who Came from the Stars has pledged a hundred million Korean won to the bereaved families and victims of the Sewol ferry incident. The donation was given to the Korean National Red Cross (KRNC; President Yu Jung Keun).

On the afternoon of the 29th of April,the donation of a hundred million won was made under the name of Wang Ji Hyun, and upon confirmation, the donor was revealed to be none other than Jun Ji Hyun herself.

A source close to Jun Ji Hyun revealed that “every time [Jun Ji Hyun] heard the heart-rending news about the students who lost their lives and their bereaved families, her heart went out to them” and that it was her wish “that the families left behind will not lose hope. Even though it is only a small gesture, [she] wishes to share the burden of sadness that they bear”.

Having donated the congratulatory gifts of money from her wedding last year in 2012, Jun Ji Hyun also cancelled her event in Myeongdong scheduled on the 17th of April as a way of expressing her condolences.

Sources: (News) – KBS News, Korean Herald; Photo – Korean Herald


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