Jung Jae Young Rocks “Baek Beom Look” In Released Photos For “Partners For Justice 2”

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Portraying the role of a genius forensic scientist, Jung Jae Young dons his signature look in teaser photos released by MBC.

Less than a month from now, Jung Jae Young and team Partners for Justice 2, go for a new season of crime busting activity.

Jung Jae Young

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Partners for Justice 2 depicts a team of prosecutors, detectives and forensic science experts solving murder cases. Analyzing information retrieved through autopsy reports, police investigations and keen deductions is their convening point.

Garnering high viewership ratings and accolades for its stellar cast and polished story, the series is the first seasonal drama of MBC.

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Obsessed in finding the truth through evidence retrieved from corpses, Jung works with Prosecutor Eun Sol (Jung Yu Mi) to serve rightful justice to atrocious criminals.

In the released photos, Jung’s sharp gaze stimulates curiousity on the story to be unraveled in the second season. The talented actor remarked that his character remains to be unaccepting of social norms. Moreover, he will experience depressing moment.

Partners for Justice 2

Inviting fans to meet the drama in high spirit, Jung said, “I have not missed the character analysis for better immersion than last season, so I hope that the audience will enjoy it.”

Expressing confidence on the veteran actor, Director Noh Do Chul has only praises for Jung. He acknowledges the actor’s distinct ability to enrich the drama with delicate immersion as the central character of the story.

Partners for Justice 2 takes the Monday-Tuesday slot for MBC starting June 3.


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