‘Aspiring Pokemon Master’ Jung Joon Young Goes To Sokcho To Catch Them All

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The band singer was spotted at Sokcho… to catch pokemon.

The Nintendo reality game, Pokémon Go is currently taking the digital word by storm. The game was released in a few countries last week – however, it is still yet to be launched in South Korea.

However, a city at the Gangwon-do province, Sokcho, is found to be the only place in South Korea where the game works. Since then, many enthusiastic players have swarmed to the city to catch Pokemon. Buses from East Seoul Terminal to Sokcho on July 14 were reportedly sold out as well.


via: @with_jjy

On July 13, Jung Joon Young took to his Instagram to express his desire to play the game. The singer waited at Hongdae for Pokemon but to no avail, and shared that he would head to Sokcho soon. The day after the post, photos of him at Sokcho emerged, uploaded by fans through Instagram. Jung Joon Young has indeed traveled all the way up to Sokcho to play the game.

He also shared on his Instagram on July 15 that he received many questions in interviews about his goal of the year. To live healthily was always his answer, but now he has found the real answer to the question – he wants to become a Pokemon Master.

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