Jung So Min Joins Kang Ha Neul’s Agency TH Entertainment

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Heralding a new start, Jung So Min signs exclusive contract with TH Company and hopes to build further her robust filmography and career.

TH Company CEO Kim Tae Ho welcomes the talented actress.

“With actress Jung So-min, who is looking forward to the future, we plan to support active activities so that she can unfold her abilities through her various works. We ask for your interest and support for Jung So-min.”

Debuted in the drama Bad Guy in 2010, the actress has been lauded for her varied portrayals showing her superb acting range in different genres. She is best known for her roles in Mischievous Kiss, Can We Get Married, My Father is Strange, Because This Is My First Life, The Smile Has Left Your Eyes, Soul Mechanic and Monthly Magazine Home.

Currently, she stars as Mu-deok in tvN weekend series, Alchemy of Souls.

Expectations are high as to what kind of activities Jung So Min will embark on. She is scheduled to perform in various fields, not only in dramas, movies, but also theater plays as she settles in TH Company as her new nest.

TH Company houses actors Kang Ha Neul, Han Jae Yeong, Won U, Kang Yeong Seok and Bin Chan Wook.

Source: JTBC News