Juniel Flaunts Mature Charm In A New Teaser Photo for “Sorry”

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Been missing Juniel’s sweet and emotional voice? Miss no more as she will be returning this month with a new single titled, Sorry!

On August 17, FNC Entertainment released a dreamy teaser image for Juniel’s August comeback via a press release. In the photo, the singer exudes her flawless beauty with wet blond hair and alluring back. She is seen giving a soulful face, while closing her eyes and enjoying a bubble bath.

20150818_Juniel_ Flaunts_ Mature_ Charm_ In_ A_ New_ Teaser_ Photo_ for_ ‘Sorry’_1

Source: FNC Entertainment

Making her comeback after nearly one year since her last track I Think I’m in Love in September 2014, Juniel will be showing a mature image this time, compared to her usual lovely and youthful image.

Sorry is set to be dropped on August 21.



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