JYJ’s Junsu Formally Says Goodbye To Fans Through Video

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See you again, Junsu!

The youngest member of JYJ has officially began his military training last February 9. But Junsu, the last of the trio to enlist in the army, surprised fans with a farewell video on V Live.

“By the time you see this video, it will be my first night at the military training camp,” the singer began. Although he has previously said his goodbyes through his Death Note musical, Junsu said he felt sorry for not properly giving his farewell to fans. That is why he decided to do so in the video.

“Up until today, before entering the training center, during the time I had finished my performances, I took some time to think and look back on things,” he said. “And I felt that I had received so much love from you guys and that I was happier than anyone could have ever been,” he went on.


Junsu officially begins his mandatory military service. (Photo by News1)

The singer also expressed his gratitude to the fans, saying they have inspired him to go on and stand on stage for the past years. “I could not ask for more with all the opportunities I had to perform on stage before going off to the military,” he said.

Junsu then apologized for lacking the words to properly relay his appreciation to the people who supported him. He also made a promise to come back healthier and more mature than before, after the 21 months of his mandatory military enlistment.

“So, I ask that you wait for me until then,” Junsu requested. He ended his short video greeting with “I love you” and “Goodbye”.


Fans send Junsu off with banners and promises to wait for the singer. (Photo by Mydaily)

Fans have also expressed their well-wishes for the singer via Twitter using the #WaitingForJunsu. Fan projects were prepared by fans at the training camp to send him off.

The JYJ member will undergo four weeks of basic military training before being assigned duties. Junsu enlisted alongside BIGBANG member T.O.P.

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