JYJ Kim Junsu’s Mother To Debut As Singer

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The JYJ member’s mother’s dream of being a singer has come true!

It is revealed that JYJ Kim Junsu’s mother, Yoon Young Mi, is releasing her debut album at noon on October 11.

In addition to ballads and remakes of Korean everlasting songs, Yoon’s upcoming album will consist of collaborative tracks with her son.

Earlier on the last day of his 2012 XIA Ballad & Musical Concert with Orchestra, Junsu brought his mother on stage and they sang the “Goose’s Dream” song together.

He shared: “My mother used to get vocal training but she had to give up her dream of standing on stage because my grandfather was against it. When I was little, I promised her that when I became a singer, I would perform with her on stage.”

Yoon has reportedly been actively supporting Junsu in his pursuit of singing career, as her parents were against her dream of being a singer when she was a child.

In related news, the JYJ member made a low-key military enlistment last February 9. After finishing four-week basic training in a boot camp in Nonsan, Chungnam, Junsu was assigned to a police agency in Gyeonggi to fulfill his duties. He will be discharged in November 2018.

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