JYJ’s Junsu Mesmerizes Over 10,000 Fans in Osaka Concert

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On March 3, JYJ’s Junsu successfully kicked off the first concert of his Asia tour, titled 2015 Xia 3rd Asia Tour Concert ‘Flower,’ at Osaka-jo Hall in Osaka, captivating more than 10,000 fans.

The star has proved his international fame by selling out all the tickets for his concert tour in Japan. Many of his fans, who were unable to lay their hands on the tickets, have reportedly made request for additional tickets.

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During the Osaka concert, Junsu brought impressive and energetic stages to the tracks in his third solo album, stirring all fans’ hearts. When he gave a special treat to the fans by singing the album’s lead song, Flower for the first time, they stood up, crying out his name with great excitement ahead of the performance of the song.

Junsu will continue the heat of his Asia tour until March 5 in Japan, with an expectation to draw in total of 30,000 fans.



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