JYJ’s Park Yoochun to Celebrate His Birthday with Korean Fans

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According to C-JeS Entertainment, on May 7 JYJ’s Park Yoochun is set to kick off a fan meeting called 2015 Park Yoochun Fan meeting ‘Housewarming Party: Epi 2’, hopefully creating sweet memories with his local fans in celebration of his upcoming birthday on June 4.

This fan event will take place on May 30 and 31, at the Korea University Hwajung Gymnasium, following the heartthrob’s first successful official solo fan meeting and birthday party, called Housewarming Party, in Korea on June 4 of last year.

Park Yoochun is receiving favorable responses from the public with his recent SBS hit drama Girl Who Sees Smells, as he plays Choi Mu Gak, who lost all of his senses after losing his younger sister in a senseless murder known as the Barcode Murder Case, and then becomes a police officer to try to catch his sister’s killer.

A representative of the coming fan meeting said:

Currently receiving a lot of love from fans in and outside of Korea through the drama, Park Yoochun will gather lots of interest for this fan meeting from all around. As the fan meeting will be a time for him to meet with fans in Korea for the first in a while, it′ll be a great time where fans will see the many charms of Park Yoochun.

Tickets for the fan event will go on sale on May 11 via Interpark, starting at 8.p.m (KST).

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