K-Drama First Script Table-Read: Nam Goong Min & Park Eun Bin’s “Stove League”

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Expecting a home run hit, SBS new drama – Stove League, is in full swing!

Revealing photo mementos from the first script reading session, Stove League readies for its premiere in December.

Stove League

Taking a sports-themed story, the new series aims to bring warmth in the Winter season. It unfolds the stories of baseball players struggling to keep up with their journeys in blood, sweat and tears.

The team, which is in the lower ranks,  prepare for an extraordinary season. The series will focus on the conflicts and challenges that arise as they make their preparation to become a better team.

Held in four hours, the first meeting of the actors and production team went successful. Director Chung Dong Yoon thanks the actors and production crew in attendance. He promises ensuring valuable guidance and leading pleasant environment while filming.

Stove League

Fully focused on his role, Nam Goong Min suits up as Park Seung Soo, a baseball club director whose team rank is in the cellar. Amazing on his adlibs and immersion of cold and charismatic leader, Nam aims another successful series after Doctor Prisoner.

Taking the female lead is Park Eun Bin who breathes life to Lee Se Young. She is Korea’s youngest club manager. Syncing to her role, her eyes, gestures and expressions are wrapped with much enthusiasm.

Also in attendance is Oh Jung Se who will play the baseball club owner Kwon Kyung Min. Jo Beom Gyu of recent Sky Castle fame rounds up the main cast as rich son Han Jae Hee.

In charge of the sprinkle of laughter are veteran actors Go Se Hyuk, Lee Joon Hyuk and Lim Dong Gyu. They are deemed to get the baseball team member roles.

Confident of its cast members, the production team remarks putting together the best actors with fantastic teamwork.

Stove League is set for December 13 premiere on SBS.

Source: SBS FunE

Stove League