K-Photo Reel: Lee Sung Kyung Positively Glitters In Recent Photo Shoot

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Everything sparkles around Lee Sung Kyung.

The beautiful actress was recently featured in the upcoming August issue of Dazed. Lee positively radiated during the photo shoot, posing like a professional model.


It’s noticeable that the magazine came up with a very unique concept. To highlight the actress’ impressive height, most of the shots had Lee standing, showcasing her tall and sleek body.
Another thing that commands attention is her glittery yet casual ensemble. They paired dresses with sneakers and boots, which made Lee look like a rocker princess. The actress started her career as a model and it easily translates onto film. She is simply comfortable in front of the camera. No matter what pose she does, it makes her look amazing.


The actress recently wrapped up her movie Girl Cops.  In fact, the movie raked in over 1 million moviegoers and enjoyed enormous success during its theater run. Currently, the actress is doing her fan meeting tour.

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Lee Sung Kyung in Manila

The Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo actress will soon grace the Philippine stage. Finally, she will have her “Be Joyful in Manila” fan meeting on July 27. In partnership with YG Entertainment and Applewood, this will be Lee’s first visit to the country. Anticipation is rising as the date draws near for the actress to personally greet her fans.

Lucky fans were also chosen to be part of the press conference with Lee herself, which will be on July 26. The actress has prepared a lot of fun activities and surprises. Since the actress is also a talented singer, fans are expecting that she will be singing a few songs.

Fans can still purchase tickets online at

lee sung kyung

Photo From YG Entertainment

Fans can see more of Lee’s photo shoot and interview in the upcoming August issue of DAZED on all its platforms.

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