#WelcomeBackDaniel: Kang Daniel Sweetly Meets Fans Again And Shares Good News In Live Instagram Broadcast

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The king is back – Kang Daniel greeted his fans and showed his smiling face again after such a long time!

Kang Daniel sweetly reunited with his fans following the recent events in his career through a live Instagram broadcast on June 9, 11 PM KST!

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The former Wanna One member finally got to speak to his fans and let them hear his contagious laughter once again through a live video on his personal Instagram account, which he invited everyone to a few hours prior to its scheduled start.

“It’s been a while since I’ve been able to greet you all like this,” he said at the beginning of the broadcast, addressing everyone who dearly missed him with the all-too familiar smile on his face.  “To be honest, I’m very nervous right now, Even my hands are shaking,” the idol confessed.

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“Actually, the reason why I’m doing this live video right now, other than to make an official greeting, is because I just wanted to show my face to everyone,” Daniel also shared. “I’m afraid everyone had forgotten my face so I wanted to quickly greet everyone. I should be thankful,” he shyly said. His confession earned a lot of live comments from his fans, who assured him how impossible it is to forget the face of someone like Kang Daniel.

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Screengrab from Kang Daniel’s Official Instagram Account

Updates on his activities’ current status

Additionally, the singer-rapper-dancer updated fans on the current status of his career and activities as well. “Right now, I’m in the middle of preparing my new music. This time around, I am taking part in its production process – especially in writing and composing. Currently, I am looking at how I can better convey my message through music, so please look forward to it,” he said.

Of course, in true Daniel fashion, the multi-talented and soft-hearted idol expressed how grateful he is to his fans. After receiving continuous support from them no matter what, he promised to pay them back with the same amount of love they have shown to him.

“During my tough times, everyone really gave me lots of strength. However, right now, it’s my turn to be the Daniel who can give strength to everyone,” Daniel said. “There’s a lot of great stuff coming for everyone,” he also assured everyone.

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“I’m doing this live at such a late hour but a lot of you are watching this, so thank you to all of you. It’s so awkward OMG,” he even gushed, showing his natural self that a lot of fans missed.

“Sorry for making all of you wait so long but thank you for waiting,” Daniel said once again, which also marked the conclusion of his live broadcast.

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